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Upbeat and charismatic, Nick Thomas is living the high life in San Francisco, and it’s about to get even better. He has secured a loan to expand his company by putting up all of his extensive personal holdings. The day the loan funded, Nick awoke to an empty bank account and his friend and CFO, Lance, in the wind with thirty-two million dollars.


Shocked, a suspect, and adrift, Nick must come to terms with the actions of his partner – and what it means going forward. His unusual reaction to the betrayal lands him in the South Pacific, embarking on a journey of adventure, romance, and discovery.

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Get ready for quite a ride -- several rides actually! This book relays the story of a young man who is betrayed by his wife and his best friend

The friend devises a complex plan to steal and abscond with millions of dollars from the protagonist, costing him not only the actual money, but his business, his homes, his property, his beloved boat, his wife and his confidence. While the principal character ventures off to the tropics in a state of shock, the reader also learns about the villain who perpetrated the crime, and his misadventures as he attempts to further his escape, and as he tries to assume what he thinks his victim's life used to be. The differences between their views of how great wealth effects ways of living are beautifully conveyed. This is a good read, intelligently thought out, and it makes the reader eager to read Nick  Thomas' next adventures. I really enjoyed this book.


If success means being okay with losing everything you have and starting over, then “Flat Broke in Paradise,” by Patrick Livanos Lester, explores how well Nick Thomas, the protagonist, measures up to the standard. This engaging novel follows Nick as he encounters a series of betrayals and setbacks, and struggles to find his way anew in the world. The characters are compelling and the action and subplots are great fun to follow.


Great read

I love adventure and mystery and this book gives me a dose of both. Great story, easy to read, loved it!


Must Read

First things first, I’d like to make clear that I am not an avid book reader by any means. I have to really be into a book to finish it. I own more books that I have read a few chapters of than those that I have finished.


Now let me tell you, this book is a must read. From chapter one to the final words this book kept me interested. I could not put it down without continuously wondering what was to come. Not only that, but the further I got into the book the more interesting it became. Trust me on this, buy it, read it. You will not be disappointed.


I am purchasing book two immediately after this review and I cannot wait to read it. Such a great writer!



Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2018

Feel in love with the characters especially Nick. A book is special when it brings out emotions. This book has it all and draws you in from the beginning to end and you want more.


The author is the real deal!!

Patrick Livanos Lester wrote a very engaging read with Flat Broke in Paradise. I sat next to Patrick on a flight where we discussed many of his talents, including writing books. He told me about this book. I just finished it tonight and I must say it was a terrific read and we need more!


"A real page turner..."

Having just read Patrick Lester’s, “Flat Broke in Paradise,” I would like to recommend it to your readers! It is a real page turner, and definitely promises sequel adventures to follow. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.


I felt like I traveled the world!

Such a fun read. It took me around the world to places I’ve been and places now on my bucket list. Loved every character.


Well written!

The author makes his characters come to life. The protagonist is likeable. The plot engages your interest. I expect this author will do well as a writer.


Complex tale of the ultimate betrayal

There is so much to like in this complex, intelligently scripted story that one can forgive some of the hyperbole and the convenient plot devices that advance the action. Nick Thomas is an unusually charismatic hero. Despite his family’s great wealth and privileged social status, he has worked hard and has acquired an astonishing range of accomplishments. Nick is clever, honest, level-headed, but his most prominent characteristic is his uncanny ability to make friends quickly with just about anyone he meets. Often these chance encounters lead to very advantageous outcomes but, as I said, I was happy to be swept along in this mad gallop of escapism. It is a tale of greed, envy, and betrayal, and the morale seems to be that happiness should not depend on material possessions, but rather it can be found in friendship, kindness and trust in fellow humans. The ending does reach a certain closure, but leaves the story wide open for the many sequels that, happily, seem to be in the works.



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