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Nick Thomas lands a consulting contract during Milan Fashion Week where he navigates his way through the high fashion world, meeting supermodels, powerful fashion moguls, and a mysterious man with a hidden agenda. As he delves deeper into the glitzy world of Milan's runways, he discovers the disturbing reality of human trafficking, money laundering, and the ruthless pursuits of power, sex, and money.

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Fantatic series !

This series of Nicholas Thomas kept me up. I could not wait to read what would happen next. I loved the series and hope there will be more. Loved the places he traveled and the events!


What a read!

Once again, an amazing read! Each story in this series has been a treat to read. Patricks writing style is simplistic yet detailed in all the right ways. I honestly did not know what to expect and the build up to the climax kept me wondering what was around the corner. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint one bit. I also want to express my appreciation for this one small not so important detail in the book where the distinction is made that one of the characters speaks Brazilian Portuguese. Being of Portuguese descent I can say there is a difference and not many people make that distinction. Cheers to that! You can tell the author respects and understands culture. I’m super excited for the next book. If you are thinking about buying this book and have not read the previous stories, I highly recommend starting with the first book. It’s so worth it. Though, if you jump straight in with this book you will enjoy it just a thoroughly. Another thing I appreciated, the non-boring introduction to Nick’s life. As a reader of the previous books the way Patrick tied in Nick’s background to this story was very refreshing. 10/10 recommend!

A Nick Thomas Adventure “Nine Days in Milan” by Patrick Lester!

The third book in a series! From Honolulu to Milan to Switzerland and back. I love the authors details of each city. If you are going to travel to any of them, take notes of the places Nick visits…you’ll have an insight for a great vacation of your own! Nick’s Adventure will take you on an adventure into the high fashion industry and it’s downside. It’s a must read!


Nick’s Adventures keep going and are riveting!

Like the first two books, Nick’s adventures in Milan and Honolulu are a great balance of fun interactions, history, well defined characters and details that draw a reader into a richly woven story - so fun - read it in one sitting- like Patrick Lester’s other two books, could not put down! Well done and eagerly awaiting Nick Thomas’ next adventure! Hurry Please! 😃

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