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In Flat Broke in Paradise, Nick Thomas lost his family fortune to his crooked business partner. Nick then used the last of his money to buy a plane ticket to Tahiti where he learned starting over can be a good thing. 


In Strange Weather in Chinatown, Nick needs money to repair his live-aboard sailboat in Honolulu. A lunch meeting in Chinatown leads to a lucrative job where he discovers a staff of unqualified misfits, odd investors, offshore bank accounts, art, and gemstones—and himself in danger when he unravels the true aim of the company’s president and CEO.


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Damn fine story! 

In his novel “Strange Weather in Chinatown,” Patrick Lester weaves a fine, well-paced tale about his protagonist, Nick Thomas. The story draws the reader in from the start, and as it progresses, offers intriguing insights into sailing, Hawaii, Greek culture and even gemology. Well before the book’s end, I had determined to read another Nick Thomas adventure. 

I highly recommend “Strange Weather in Chinatown.”


Typhoon Incognito Hits Hawaii

Granted, the above headline is a bite into this book's title, Strange Weather in Chinatown; however, this sequel to Flat Broke in Paradise continues the story -- and the action -- at a dramatically breathtaking and intriguing pace. Nick Thomas's odyssey is skillfully narrated by moving him from calm, peaceful voyages at sea through sudden, unexpected turbulence involving the FBI and gangsters. The relatively routine position Nick accepts at a new start-up company turns into a whirlwind and Nick must utilize both his wits and his ingenuity to try to survive. I enjoyed this book and look forward to Nick's further adventures.

Well written and fun to read

Amateur sleuth Nick Thomas scuttles between Hawaii and San Francisco as he finds himself unwittingly embroiled in an unsavory financial scheme with chilling operators who play for keeps. Along the way, as Nick consumes more taro duck than a man should have to, he introduces the reader to the fine points of sailboat races and the intricacies of gemstones.


enjoyable reading

Sailing once again with Nick Thomas and enjoying a mystery with an author who knows about boats and sailing. Patrick Livanos Lester tosses a net into strange waters and catches the stories of characters set in the background of Hawaiian culture. he paints with words the life style of those who have chosen the sea as their venue grasping come what may that accompanies the trials and tribulations that surround all those that have seeked the adventures that are hidden within the depths of turbulent waters. i am looking forward to the next book and the adventures of Nick Thomas.


Fun and exciting read

I loved this book. Nick is such a relaxed character in the mist of chaos. I loved sailing in Hawaii with him and the lessons I learned about sailing! Great history lessons too! Thank you Patrick, I’m looking forward to the next adventure!


Mystery and humor - fun and easy read

Loved the next chapter of Nick’s adventure - mystery, humor, a varied cast of “characters” - great Saturday afternoon read!

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