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Tadisch Grill

In Flat Broke in Paradise, Art and Margaret go tho lunch at the Tadich Grill in San Francisco: from the book:

The Tadisch Grill is a San Francisco landmark. Since 1849 it has survived fire, earthquakes, the Great Depression, and more earthquakes. Through the years the restaurant had not changed much. There’s a long bar that runs down the right side of the room from the front door to the kitchen. A twelve foot portion of the bar is reserved for drinkers and separated by a brass rail.

In fact, Tadich Grill claims to be the oldest continuously run restaurant in San Francisco, having started during the California Gold Rush as a coffee stand and the first seafood restaurant to grill using mesquite.

The restaurant moved around a bit in its history, but the waiters still wear white jackets and black trousers. The wait to dine can be long because the Tadich Grill does not take reservations. The restaurant serves up to 700 people a day.

There's a lot more to discover about the Tadich Grill.

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