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English Harbour and Nelson's Dockyard

Located in Saint Paul Parish on the island of Antigua, in Antigua and Barbuda, is Nelson's Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

English Harbour, Antigua Copyright © 2016 Patrick Lester

Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, the dockyard was a place where boats were careened. Ships sailed into the beach at high tide, emptied of all heavy objects such as canons, water, and anchors. A line was attached to the top of the mast and the ship was turned on its side. When the tide went out, the ship was left high-and-dry. It was then scrapped of barnacles, (which slow down the ship) and teredo navalis, the naval shipworm, which bores into wood and destroys it. Once the ship was cleaned and repaired, it was refloated at high tide.

An Old Whaler Hove Down For Repairs, Near New Bedford, a wood engraving. F. S. Cozzens and published in Harper's Weekly, December 1882.

Nelson's Dockyard is also home to Antigua Sailing Week, where 150-200 yachts gather for yacht races and the Lord Nelson's Ball.

Nelson's Dockyard and The Admiral's Inn Copyright © 2016 Patrick Lester

There is a wonderful hotel on the site. Check out The Admiral's Inn:

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