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An Island to Oneself by Tom Neale

Did you ever feel as though you wanted to get away from everything? I mean really get away? Tom Neal planned and saved and did just that by moving to a truly remote desert island atoll in the South Pacific. His book is an amazing look at what it takes to live alone, fight the elements, and survive.

His story takes place in the early 1950's in the days of no GPS, no cellphones, and certainly no internet. Neale grew much of his food and even had to collect soil from around the atoll for his garden. Nothing came easy, but he approached his chores with an untroubled air. He makes "Lost" look like a Four Seasons resort. After reading this you will truly appreciate the grocery store down the street, and you may rethink the idea of running off to that desert island. I know I did. This is a highly recommended read. With photographs and maps.

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